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BACHBOX NZ  – TEMPORARY CLOSURE (effective as of January 2015) Closed_Sign_45

Hello and welcome to Bachbox® New Zealand.
Unfortunately, we are now closed and unlikely to resume production in the near future.
When we do get up and running again, we hope to provide more innovative and even better product.  We are fully committed to provide the best and most innovative NZ made quality product and for this reason we are taking a wee R&D (research & development) break to refine and optimise our systems.  All orders & production have been suspended until further notice.
Please feel free to register your interest and we will contact you in due course.  Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Thank you again for your interest.

The Bachbox® Team.

In the meantime, our design team is available to work with you on any custom residential or commercial design projects. Our expertise and experience in this field can provide better and more cost effective solutions particularly when designing for steep or difficult access sites. We offer high level 3D modelling/visualisation as well as technical 2D documentation service for both RC (resource consent) and BC (building consent) applications nation wide. All of our designs are highly energy efficient and airtight. We also have direct access to the supply of European timer composite windows and door manufactured by ALBO® (double & triple glazed options available).
For further information regarding Architectural service, please contact Stepan 021 606 771 or email:
Bachbox® – New Zealand made innovative modernist architectural pre-fab / modular buildings, introducing simple and elegant living paired with eco-friendly design offering minimal site works/impact. Featuring steel subframe/beams with LVL (Laminated Lumber Veneer) structural frame construction specifically designed for fast assembly and  simple transportation when fully assembled. The Bachbox® is offered in variety of cladding options. The standard low maintenance Colorsteel® profile outer shell can be made fully secure by optional large folding decks which completely enclose the building once retracted – operated by optional remote controlled independent 12v electric safety winches.The structure is designed to be earthquake & cyclone resistant – suitable for extreme environments. Can be customised or combined to fit any need: Permanent Home, Holiday Bach/Cabin, Office, Rental, Temporary accommodation etc.

The advantage of the new modular system is that the units can be placed end to end and side by side.

This creates limitless possibilities for customizing a house solution on any site or budget.

A significant reduction in assembly time per module has been achieved enabling roof completion stage in just 3-5 days and lock-up stage in 10-15 days.

NEW MODULAR PODS:   Fully build cost for the 4 SERIES  from $2,900* / M2  –  7 SERIES from $2,700* /M2

* Indicative cost

4 SERIES: 4.2L x 6.0W (25.2m²) – Kit-set (shell only price) from $39,900 including GST  or ready built (shell only price) from $55,000 including GST

7 SERIES: 7.2L x 6.0W (38.8m²) – Kit-set (shell only price) from $54,500 including GST or ready built (shell only price) from $73,500 including GST

Pre-fabricated /ready built units can be supplied in 3m wide sections allowing for much easier transportation. These sections can be quickly bolted together forming the 6.0m wide pods. The building width can therefore be scaled in increments of 3.0m,  i.e. 3, 6, 9, 12m and so on.

We are currently developing new larger 8 SERIES model: 8.4L x 6.0W (50.4m²) these units should be available end of 2015.


Call us: 0508 4 BACHBOX (0508 4 22242) or email: